scientific method


you have become the sum

of your experiences.

You have shifted your volume,

in one static shape

felt a solid inside you,

felt your grey matter change.

You are the sum of the pain:

which trickled like rivers

and emptied-

you have known love

that you couldn’t before

took it in while your chest

was expanding.

You lost your past

like the leaking of gas

made your old life just

the beginning:

but the life that you’ve made now

is richer, it’s fuller,

like plasma, it’s burning

and bubbling.


I know you

have conquered these months

have bared

your teeth and your nipples-

your legs are

deciding, the muscles


in missteps, impacts, in ripples.

I ask you:


how the world used to be

when your eyes were newborn

and filmy-

I ask you

take courage

if the mud traps your feet,

you’ll keep moving, it’s all in

the timing.

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