scientific method


you have become the sum

of your experiences.

You have shifted your volume,

in one static shape

felt a solid inside you,

felt your grey matter change.

You are the sum of the pain:

which trickled like rivers

and emptied-

you have known love

that you couldn’t before

took it in while your chest

was expanding.

You lost your past

like the leaking of gas

made your old life just

the beginning:

but the life that you’ve made now

is richer, it’s fuller,

like plasma, it’s burning

and bubbling.


I know you

have conquered these months

have bared

your teeth and your nipples-

your legs are

deciding, the muscles


in missteps, impacts, in ripples.

I ask you:


how the world used to be

when your eyes were newborn

and filmy-

I ask you

take courage

if the mud traps your feet,

you’ll keep moving, it’s all in

the timing.

Eighteen Hundred Dollars

I want to uproot this life

each radial finger, dichotomous

corn-hair from the husk.

I want to pry coldhard fingers

off of it

want to unravel the cross-stitch and run.

Want to feel the road stretching herringbone-

it is what you’d recommend.

I fish bronchi of stream-water


out from under this sand.

Aspen-grove arms of entrapment

constrict and anchor me still

I am strong enough to unclasp them

wisteria clinging,


ripping away from both heels.





I feel


I want to     save


more good, better

Why are you insecure about your body !?

A stranger on the internet asks,

His hands,

clutching his crotch

as he seeks stories of flesh in the cartoon breasts of my


He’s trying so hard to get off.

It’s possible to have a cornerstone

Which you didn’t build yourself.

or maybe you did,

Not sure where it came from,

Sure what you did

didn’t help.


I’m laying on the couch

In some shorts

In the living room with my parents:

My step-dad says “when did your thigh get so big?”

(Size doesn’t matter unless a man’s the one looking,)

He has a grin on his face.

You used to be so skinny-minny;

I withdraw

for the rest of the day.


This week I looked in the mirror

And I said “I love you” to my face.

It felt amazing,

Like rolling, movement

it felt a lot like change.


In five years I want to

look in the mirror

And remember when I only saw hate.

I want to meet my eyes and

tell that reflection:

I used to be


a lot of things.

Eleven (11)

I am closing my eyes to see you.

I see you with closed eyes.

You seem,

In pain,

My hands are holding your face.

I am kissing your forehead.

Nothing else matters,

Although all of you matters.

But my love is leaving my lips.

The minute hand turns and I

Cross myself

Did you feel it?

That was my wish.