more good, better

Why are you insecure about your body !?

A stranger on the internet asks,

His hands,

clutching his crotch

as he seeks stories of flesh in the cartoon breasts of my


He’s trying so hard to get off.

It’s possible to have a cornerstone

Which you didn’t build yourself.

or maybe you did,

Not sure where it came from,

Sure what you did

didn’t help.


I’m laying on the couch

In some shorts

In the living room with my parents:

My step-dad says “when did your thigh get so big?”

(Size doesn’t matter unless a man’s the one looking,)

He has a grin on his face.

You used to be so skinny-minny;

I withdraw

for the rest of the day.


This week I looked in the mirror

And I said “I love you” to my face.

It felt amazing,

Like rolling, movement

it felt a lot like change.


In five years I want to

look in the mirror

And remember when I only saw hate.

I want to meet my eyes and

tell that reflection:

I used to be


a lot of things.



I could be beautiful, if I wanted to.

I could shine like the sun.
I could stride through the world,
With my bright wings unfurled,
I could fly, I could leap, I could run.
I could be pretty, if I wanted to.
No one would hold me back.
They’d take one look at me,
At my wings, and they’d see
There are more things I have than I lack.
I could be happy, if I wanted to.
But I don’t.
Not when I can stay in my brain,
Watch the clouds and the rain,
Put my wings to my sides
And just float.