The 18:15 to Valencia Nord

In Valencia I witnessed:

A marathon

Human towers

A formation of dancing girls in the park.

Sword fighting enthusiasts with axes and scythes

A gathering of restauranteurs dressed like priests.

A caravan filming a car commercial

A Valencian beauty queen in traditional garb.

A man on the train with a pink mustache, and a weird smile.

A cat stuck in a window box trying to get out.

Spanish flags

Two gargoyles

A paella the size of a tire

Many fountains,

a Chinese New Year,

and James Cameron’s top grossing film,



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My mind is cluttered with such trivial things

With blackbirds that crow and robins that sing

With heralds that cry and poets who speak

And mountains with yodelers belting from peaks

My mind is filled with the most splendid of rhymes

Of bluebells and clovers, rosemary and thyme

Of daisies in meadows and trees in the park

And starlight’s sweet gaze as it watches the dark

My mind is empty, and brilliant and vast

My mind will always be up to the task

But if it were you and me all alone

I think I’d trust your mind, instead of my own.