My band is madder than yours

I wish I was a songwriter

‘Cause I could put these thoughts to sound

I’d have drums beating, feet stomping,

Screaming far too loud.

If I were a composer

You’d hear it ricochet off walls

You’d hear your head spinning,

Fists clenching

You’d hear the bass and the rock and the pound.

You could sing along with pulse points

Reverberations near your heart

One strong wall of anger, one of madness,

Same feeling finish back to start.

If I had a drum kit

I’d kick ‘em where it counts

I’d be a solo smasher, guitar shredder

Like thunder from the clouds.

And if I was a songwriter,

You can bet on one sure thing

You won’t escape my goddam blame-game

For as long and as loud as I could sing.